How To Use Calculator - Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro

How To Use Calculator - Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro
How To Use Calculator - Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro

Learn how to use Calculator on your Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro. The Calculator provides basic and advanced arithmetic functions.

  • Touch Samsung folder icon > Calculator icon.
  • Enter the first number using the numeric keys.
  • Enter the operation for your calculation by touching the corresponding onscreen arithmetic function key.
  • Enter the next number.
  • To view the result, touch the = (equals) key.
  • Repeat Steps 3 through 5 as many times as required.
  • Touch C icon to clear the result.
  • To clear the calculator history, touch Clear history icon.
  • For more advanced problems, use the advanced operators sin, ln, cos, log, tan, and so on, just as you would on a pocket calculator.
  • Touch and hold entries in the Calculator's display field to copy or cut the contents of the display. Copied to clipboard displays. Paste the copied value in another app.

This guide will work on all Samsung Galaxy Tab Pros; including Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2

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