How To Use Browser – Nokia Lumia 928

How To Use Browser - Nokia Lumia 928
How To Use Browser - Nokia Lumia 928

Learn how to use browser on your Nokia Lumia 928. On the homescreen, tap Internet icon. Catch up on the news, and visit your favorite websites. You can use Internet Explorer 10 Mobile in your phone to view web pages on the internet.

To browse the web, you must be connected to the internet.

Note: If you do not have a fl at-rate data plan from your network service provider, to save data costs in your phone bill, you can use a Wi-Fi network to connect to the internet.

Go to a website

  • Tap the address bar, enter a web address, and tap Next icon.

Search the internet

  • Tap the address bar, enter a search word, and tap Next icon.

Zoom in or out

  • Place two fingers on the screen, and slide your fingers apart or together.

Note: To quickly zoom in on a section of a web page, double-tap the screen. To zoom out, double-tap the screen again. You can open up to six browser tabs at the same time and switch between them.

Open a new tab

  • Tap . . . > tabs > + add icon.

Switch between tabs

  • Tap . . . > tabs, and tap a tab.

Close a tab

  • Tap . . . > tabs > Close icon.

Send a web link

  • Tap . . . > share page, and select a method of sending a web link, such as messaging, email, or a social network.

Empty the cache

A cache is a memory location that is used to store data temporarily. If you have, or have tried to, access confidential information or a secure service requiring passwords, clear the cache after each use.

  • Tap . . . > settings > delete history.

Delete an individual item in your browsing history

  • Tap . . . > recent > List icon, check the item you want to delete, and tap Delete icon.

Add a website to your favorites

If you visit the same websites all the time, add them to your favorites, so you can easily access them. On the homescreen, tap Internet icon.

While browsing, tap . . . > add to favorites, and then Save icon.

Go to a favorite website

  • Tap . . . > favorites, and a website.

Note: You can also pin your favorite websites to the start screen. While browsing the website, tap . . . > pin to start.

Other available browser settings

Tap . . . > Settings.

  • Website preference: Switch browser view between mobile version and desktop version.

  • Use address bar button for: Switch available feature on address bar to showing favorite list, to stop or refresh browser, or to switch between tabs.

  • Advanced settings: Adjust privacy settings such as location access, and cookies.

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