How To Use Browser History - Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

How To Use Browser History - Samsung Galaxy Note Pro
How To Use Browser History - Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

Learn how to use browser history on your Samsung Galaxy Note Pro. You can have multiple windows open at one time and easily switch between windows.

  • To open a new window, touch + icon at the top of the screen.
  • Touch Menu Key > New tab.
  • To switch to another open window, touch its tab at the top of the screen.
  • To delete an open window, touch the tab at the top of the screen, and then touch Close icon.

Searching the Web by Voice

  • Touch the address field, touch Close icon > Voice Mate icon, speak a keyword, and then select one of the suggested keywords that appear.


To bookmark the current webpage:

  • Touch Bookmark icon > Add bookmark icon.

To open a bookmarked webpage:

  • Touch Bookmark icon, and then touch a bookmark to open it.


  • Touch Bookmark icon > History to open a webpage from the list of recently-visited webpages.
  • To clear the history, touch Clear history icon.

Saved Pages

  • To view saved webpages, touch Bookmark icon > Saved pages.


  • Touch and hold a link on a webpage to open it in a new page, save, or copy. To view saved links, use Downloads.

Sharing Webpages

  • To share a webpage address with others, touch Menu Key > Share via.
  • To share a part of a webpage, touch and hold the desired text, and then touch Share via.

Entering Text in a Field

  • While browsing, touch a text field to display the virtual QWERTY keyboard to enter text.

Internet Menu

While viewing a webpage:

  • Touch Menu Key for options.

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