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How To Use Blocking Mode On Samsung Galaxy Note 2
How To Use Blocking Mode On Samsung Galaxy Note 2

When Blocking mode is enabled, notifications for selected features will be disabled on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2. You will only receive notifications of incoming calls from people on your allowed list.

  • From the Home screen, press Menu key and then tap Settings.
  • In a single motion touch and slide the Blocking mode slider to the right to turn it on. Confirm the Blocking mode active icon appears in the Status bar.
  • Place a green checkmark adjacent to those features you would like to enable. Choose from: Disable incoming calls, Disable notifications, Disable alarm and timer, Disable LED indicator.
  • Configure a timeframe for these features to be active. Remove the checkmark from the Always field to configure the From and To time fields.
  • Tap Allowed contacts to assign those contacts that are exempted from these rules. Choose from None, All contacts, Favorites, or Custom.

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