How To Use Accessibility Settings On Samsung Galaxy Note 4

How To Use Accessibility Settings On Samsung Galaxy Note 4
How To Use Accessibility Settings On Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Learn how to use accessibility settings on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Accessibility services are special features to make using the device easier for those with certain physical disabilities.

Note: You can download additional accessibility applications from the Google Play Store.

  • From a Home screen, tap Apps icon > Settings.
  • Tap Accessibility for options:


  • TalkBack: Speak feedback aloud to help blind and low-vision users.
    • TalkBack can collect all of the text you enter, except passwords, including personal data and credit card numbers. It may also log your user interface interactions with the device.
  • Dark screen: Keep the screen turned off at all times for privacy.
  • Rapid key input: Release your finger to enter selection instead of double tapping.
  • Speak passwords: Read the characters aloud as you enter your passwords.
  • Magnification gestures: Use exaggerated gestures such as triple-tapping, double pinching, and dragging two fingers across the screen.
  • Hover zoom: Magnify content by hovering your pen over it.
  • Notification reminder: Play a beep when a notification for a call, message, and so on, has been missed.
  • Negative colors: Reverse the display of onscreen colors from White text on a Black background to Black text on a White background.
  • Color adjustment: Adjust the color of the screen if you are color blind or have difficulty reading the display because of the screen color. Tap Color adjustment for options.
  • Accessibility shortcut: Quickly enable accessibility features in two quick steps. Tap to turn the feature on.
  • Text-to-speech options: Set your preferred TTS engine and options. For more information, see Text-To-Speech Options.


  • Flash notification: Set your camera light to blink whenever you receive a notification.
  • Turn off all sounds: Turn off all sounds including receiver voice
  • Hearing aids: Improve the sounds quality of your device for use with hearing aids.
  • Samsung subtitles (CC): Use Samsung subtitles with multimedia files when available Tap Samsung subtitles (CC) for options.
  • Google subtitles (CC): Use Google subtitles with multimedia files when available. Tap Google subtitles (CC) for options.
  • Sound balance: Use the slider to set the Left and Right balance when using a stereo device.
  • Mono audio: Switch audio from stereo to mono for use with one earphone.
  • Sound detectors: Receive alerts when the phone detects the doorbell or a baby crying.
  • Auto haptic: Automatically vibrates in response to the sounds of downloadable apps, such as games. Not all apps support this feature.

Dexterity and Interaction

  • Assistant menu: Improve the device accessibility for users with reduced dexterity.
  • Air wakeup: Move your hand above the sensor to turn the screen on.
  • Press and hold delay: Select a time interval for this tap gesture.
  • Interaction control: Enable motions and screen timeout. You can also block areas of the screen from tap interaction.

More Settings

  • Direct Access: Open your accessibility settings by pressing the Home Key three times in quick succession.
  • Answering/ending calls: Choose shortcuts for answering and ending calls.
  • ANSWER CALLS BY: You can choose to answer calls by pressing the Home Key or with voice commands.
  • END CALLS BY: You can choose to end calls by pressing the Power/Lock key.
  • Single tap mode: Tap to stop/snooze alarms and calendar events.
  • Manage accessibility: Export your accessibility settings and share them with another device.


Additional accessibility apps may be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Certain accessibility services you install may be configured here.

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