How To Switch Apps - LG G3

How To Swtich Apps - LG G3
How To Swtich Apps - LG G3

Learn how to switch apps on your LG G3. Multi-tasking is easy with Android, you can keep more than one application running at the same time. There is no need to quit an application before opening another one. Use and switch between several open applications. Android manages each application, stopping and starting them as needed to ensure that idle applications don't consume resources unnecessarily.

  • Tap Recent Key . A list of recently used applications will be displayed.
  • Tap the application you want to access. This does not stop the previous app running in the background on the phone. Make sure to tap Back Key to exit an app after using it.
  • To remove an app from the recent apps list, swipe the app preview to the left or right. To clear all apps, tap Clear all.

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