How To Shop On Google Play On Nexus 7

How To Shop On Google Play On Nexus 7
How To Shop On Google Play On Nexus 7

You can shop on Google Play on your Nexus 7. Follow the simple steps below. To launch the Google Play Store app, touch the Play Store icon in your Favorites tray at the bottom of every Home screen.

Anything you purchase on Google Play using your Nexus 7 is available from your computer or from any of your Android mobile devices. Sign in to to get your entertainment from anywhere.

How to access your content on Nexus 7

If you purchased from Google Play in the past, youll automatically have access to this content on your Nexus 7just make sure youre signed in using the same account that you used to purchase it.

You can get to your content using any of the Google Play icons in your Favorites tray, including Books, Magazines, Movies, and Music. Or, touch the Play Store icon to open Google Play. In the upper right corner, to the left of the Menu and Search icons, youll find a My Library icon corresponding to the section of Google Play youre currently viewing. For example, while browsing the Movies & TV section, youll see the Google Play Movies app icon, which will take you to My Movies & TV.

You can quickly access your content this way, from the Google Play Store app, even if you originally purchased it on Google Play using a different phone or tablet. If you get a new device, all your media will automatically be waiting for you here when you power on and sign in.

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