How To Protect Your IP Address

How To Protect Your IP Address
How To Protect Your IP Address

Computers especially connected with the internet, the users came to know about a popular word IP. Outside the computer world IP refers to Intellectual Property; but in our world IP refers to Internet Protocol.

You may come across it most of the time on TCP / IP. The TCP refers to Transmission Control Protocol. TCP / IP is generally refers to two computers exchanging data between them.

On the internet, every computer (email servers, IP hosts) gets an IP address. Let us take an example. Some organizations send letters. If undelivered they can be returned to them in the address mentioned by them. In the Internet world IP address is doing the same thing apart from other things.

IP address consists of four arrays of numbers. For example is an IP address, if youre sending a data this address is just like a postal stamp attached to your letter. It will reach its destination.

From this you can find, from which country, which internet service provider and from which computer this data or email is sent. Some routers and software packages are changing their IP address while sending which should be avoided. If not, using them anybody can access your computer without your permission. It means they can steal the important information, data, your bank account number, credit and debit card numbers, and your passwords easily. These Software or packages are called as Malwares and the IP hacker use Proxies to get your data. They can also use your computers IP as a Proxy if you got hacked. There are several Anti Spyware & Malware Programs available in the market to prevent them. Some hackers can use or take control over your computers IP address and send their data through it. It will facilitate your IP being abused by other undesirable elements.

On the Internet; the Internet Service Providers will allocate IP address for standard computer servers and for standard organizations (that runs computer servers regularly or on daily basis with their clients, consumers, customers, and employees) will be given standard IP address. Otherwise all the computers we are using in our homes, and though our mobiles, tablets, smartphones, and broadband landlines are connected through the Internet Service Provider and get a random IP address. Each time when you are connected to the internet, you get a new IP address.

Please bear in mind that can also be easily hacked by the persons over the internet. You have to keep it safe because, last year the scams based on IP addresses is increased by 450% as reported by Symantec. Some hackers are connecting all the computer IP addresses they hacked into a network and using them for their scamming and sending mails for threatening purposes. So, you have to keep your IP address safe. You can do that simply by using Anti-Virus Programs and updating Firewalls regularly on your computer.

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