How To Lock Screen – LG G Flex

How To Lock Screen - LG G Flex
How To Lock Screen - LG G Flex

Learn how to lock screen on your LG G Flex. When you are not using the phone, press the Power/Lock Key to lock your phone. This helps prevent accidental presses and saves battery power. Also, if you do not use the phone for a while, the Home screen, or other screen you are viewing, is automatically replaced with the lock screen after 30 seconds (depending on the screen timeout settings) of inactivity to conserve the battery and prevent pocket dialing.

  • To wake up your phone, press the Power/ Lock Key . The lock screen will appear. Swipe the screen in any direction to unlock. The last screen you were working on opens.


The automatic screen timeout can be configured manually in Settings. To change it, tap the Menu Key > All settings > Display tab > Screen timeout.

  • If there are any programs running when you lock the phone, they may still be running in lock mode. It is recommended that you exit all programs before entering the lock mode to avoid unnecessary charges (e.g., phone call, web access and data communications).

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