How to Improve Writing Skills with Apps and Gadgets?

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When people talk about how technology can help improve writing skills, educators often talk about social media and the smartphone language that uses a lot of slang words and abbreviations. While it does not help much to the improvement of the academic writing skills and analysis of a person, it is not always the case! We also have the apps like Hemingway that helps to check spelling and readability and the Oxford Pocket dictionary that also lets people scan through unknown words and find out more about the meaning.

Overall, it always comes down to how exactly and why one uses various apps and gadgets. Even if we do not aim for improvement of the writing skills per se, the use of solutions like Dragon Dictation and Evernote for taking notes will always help to take things to another level and actually pay attention to the written content, grammar, plagiarism, logic, and structure.

How to Improve Writing Skills with Apps and Gadgets

Vocabulary and Spelling

We can find countless tools that help us to write in a much better way and promise to do the writing part instead of us as it uses various keywords and pasted paragraphs that interest us. While it can be good in certain scenarios, it is hard to argue that the use of online dictionaries with a thesaurus is more helpful than ever to check for unknown words and improve the way that we spell. Oxford Pocket Dictionary is one of those free apps that are worth checking!

Grammar Checking Tools

You might have heard about the famous tool called Grammarly before. While it offers both free and commercial offers, you should not jump for that in the first place. Remember that the majority of apps like Google Docs or MS Office already use grammar checkers and will highlight the sentences in question. If you are really concerned about the grammar rules, a much safer way is to approach human experts and let them correct the mistakes and do fixes that only a human being can do.

Improvement of Readability

Another way to improve writing skills is to consider special apps that tend to improve the readability factor. If you are dealing with a complex subject, you may approach a free Hemingway app that will help you to address the problem. It checks for grammar but also makes it possible to see what sentences can be improved, why, and how exactly by offering helpful suggestions. The detailed system will provide you with a report as it processes your writing and improves the tone with overall clarity.

Social Media and Blogging

While it is a subject of constant debate, the use of social media is actually helpful when one wants to improve writing skills. The key is to write as much as you can and learn how to structure one’s thoughts in a better way by leaving your comfort zone once in a while. If you are not feeling confident enough to write something, consider starting an online blog or keeping a private diary the old way by improving your handwriting techniques as well. Practice the art of writing even if you just type something via messenger by taking care of the spelling and not hurrying to use one of the odd abbreviations. Learn how to take your time and show due respect as you express your thoughts in writing. Once you take the first step, your attitude, and writing skills will improve!

Learning Academic Writing Rules Will Always Help!

Regardless of your enrollment in a university or belonging to middle school students, learning the basic rules of how to write an assignment will always help you to keep things accurate and unique. You can visit Purdue Online Writing Lab to check the basic information regarding the page layout, various formats, the phenomenon of the writing styles, and more. It will not always sound easy and clear, yet when you master the general information and analyze the examples that have been provided, things will start to make more sense as you use various apps and gadgets to check and expand your writing skills. When you know what to correct and can spot mistakes done by artificial intelligence tools, you can be sure that what you submit is flawless since you know how to correct it!

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