How To Get Directions On HTC One

How To Get Directions On HTC One
How To Get Directions On HTC One

Learn how to get the direction on your HTC One. Get detailed directions to your destination. Google Maps can provide directions for travel by foot, public transportation, or car.

  • While viewing a map, tap Directions icon.
  • Do any of the following:
    • Use your current location as the starting point, or enter a location from where to start in the first text box. Then enter your destination in the second text box.
    • Tap address bar icon to select an address from your contacts or a point that you tap on a map.

Note: If the place youve set as your destination has several locations available, choose which one to go to.

  • Choose how you want to get to your destination. If you’re taking public transportation, select your transit preferences.
  • Tap Get directions. If driving or walking, tap Directions list to view the directions in a list. You can also tap the arrow buttons on the map to follow the directions.
  • When youre finished viewing or following the directions, tap Map reset icon to reset the map. Your destination is automatically saved in the Google Maps history.

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