How To Get Directions – Nokia Lumia 1020

How To Get Directions - Nokia Lumia 1020
How To Get Directions - Nokia Lumia 1020

Learn how to get directions on your Nokia Lumia 1020. Want to find your way easily? Get directions for walking, driving, or using public transportation use your current location or any other place as the starting point.

  • On the start screen, swipe left, and tap HERE Maps icon.

  • Tap . . . > directions.

  • If you don’t want the start point to be your current location, tap from, and search for a starting point.

  • Tap to, and search for a destination.

The route is shown on the map, along with an estimate of how long it takes to get there. To see detailed directions, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Note: To get directions to a place, you can also tap the place on the map, or tap and hold a point on the map, and tap the info bubble. Tap directions to here or directions from here.

Get walking directions

After creating your route, tap Walking direction icon, and at the top of the view, tap start navigation. To switch between your location, the next turn, and the route overview, swipe left or right on the info area below the map.

Get voice-guided driving directions in HERE Drive+

After setting your destination (use your current location as the start point), tap Car icon > start navigation. Your route opens in HERE Drive+.

Get directions for public transportation

After creating your route, tap Bus icon.

Public transportation info is available in selected cities around the world.

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