How To Customize Home Screen - Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro

How To Customize Home Screen - Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro
How To Customize Home Screen - Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro

Learn how to customize Home Screen on your Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro. Your device comes with three default Home screens, which contain Home Screen Apps. You can add two additional pages of Home Screen Apps and up to five additional pages to hold apps and widgets.

To customize the Home Screens:

  • From a Home screen, pinch the screen from diagonal corners to the center to display the editing screen.
  • Touch a Home screen to activate it
  • Touch Home Key to set the page as the Main Home Screen.

Add or remove Home Screen Apps:

  • Home Screen Apps currently in use on the active page display the View icon.
  • Touch a Home Screen App to add it to the active page.
  • Touch View icon to remove the Home Screen App from the active page.

Change the layout of Home Screen Apps:

  • Touch Change layout to randomly rearrange the Home Screen Apps on the active page.

To rearrange the order of pages:

  • Touch and hold, and then drag a page to a new location.

To set a new main Home screen:

  • Touch Home Key on a Home screen to set it as the new main Home screen ( Home Key).

Add or remove Home screens:

  • Touch Add icon to add a new page.
  • Touch and hold, and then drag a page to Remove icon to remove.

Screen Rotation

  • Many applications allow display in either portrait or landscape orientation. Rotating the device causes the display to automatically adjust to fit the new screen orientation.
  • To prevent the display from rotating automatically, open the Notification Panel and deselect Screen rotation.

Note: Some applications do not allow screen rotation. Some applications display a different screen depending on the orientation. For example, the calculator turns into a
scientific calculator when rotated to landscape.

This guide will work on all Samsung Galaxy Tab Pros; including Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2.

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