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How To Connect WiFi - iPhone 5S
How To Connect WiFi - iPhone 5S

Learn how to connect wifi on your iPhone 5s. If WiFi icon appears at the top of the screen, you're connected to a wi-Fi network. iPhone reconnects anytime you return to the same location.

Configure Wi-Fi. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi.

  • Choose a network: Tap one of the listed networks and enter the password, if asked.
  • Ask to join networks: Turn on "Ask to Join Networks to be prompted when a Wi-Fi network is available. Otherwise, you must manually join a network when a previously used network isn't available.
  • Forget a network: Tap i icon next to a network you've joined before. Then tap "Forget this Network.
  • Join a closed Wi-Fi network: Tap Other, then enter the name of the closed network. You must already know the network name, security type, and password (if required).
  • Adjust the settings for a Wi-Fi network: Tap i icon next to a network. You can set an HTTP proxy, define static network settings, turn on BootP, or renew the settings provided by a DHCP server.

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