How To Block Unwanted Messages On HTC One

How To Block Unwanted Messages On HTC One
How To Block Unwanted Messages On HTC One

Learn how to block unwanted messages on your HTC One. Declutter your Messages screen by moving spam messages from contacts to the block box. If you have blocked a contact, that contact's messages will also be in the block box.

  • On the Messages screen, press and hold a contact (or phone number) and tap Block contact.
  • To block multiple contacts, tap Menu icon > Block contacts, select the contacts, and tap Move.
  • When the contact sends you messages, you will not see them in the Messages screen or receive notifications and calls.
  • To read messages in the block box, on the Messages screen, tap view down faced triangle icon > Block.
    • To remove messages or contacts from the block box, press and hold the contact (or phone number) and tap Unblock.
    • To completely discard future messages from blocked contacts, clear the Save block message option in the Messages settings.

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