Most of the competitive exams are multiple choice questions where you will be provided with 4 options. You need to select the correct answer. CAT, GMAT, GRE, IT companys questions (Infosys, Wipro, TCS, etc) & most of the entrance tests has the same pattern. Probably, if you dont have the answers, you would be looking for coin for tossing (option A or B). or looking for a dice in rubber or Inky Pinky Ponkey starts.

Here are few tips before you start old strategy. Below guess work will help you but doesnt guarantee for the correct answer.

Guess Work 1: Probability of answers

Option-C > Option-B> Option-A>Option – D
In a balanced question paper,
Option – C-40%
Option B -30%,
Option – A- 20%
Option D – 10%

So Option C has more probability to be the correct answer.

Guess Work 2: Continuity of Choice Same Option wont come as answer more than 3 questions in a row

Question no 51 Option -B
Question no 52 Option B
Question no 53 Option B
Question no 54 NOT Option -B

If you are confident of answers for questions 51, 52, 53 are option B then Question 54 correct answer will not be Option B

Guess Work 3: Repeating Questions

The above sequence of questions may occur not more than twice in a question paper.


Question no 51, 52, 53 can have answer as Option-B
Question no 83, 84, 85 can have answer as Option C

There are very least chances of occurrence of repeating answers in the same question set.

Guess Work 4: Check for Vowel

Read the questions clearly if it ends with an, Select the answer which starts with vowel. Or the answer which suits with an

Guess Work 5:Check for Tense

If question was in past tense, then the answer will also be in past tense form. So look for answers past

Guess Work 6:Fill in the blanks

If the question ends with one ___________ (one line), choose the option which has single word.

Guess Work 7: Singularity

If the question is singular form select singular form (Example is one answer)

Like wise for plural

If the question is plural form select answer in plural form (Example are Multiple answer)

Guess Work 8:Complete the Sentence

Read the question along with the options. Whichever option gives you complete meaning with appropriate grammar will be the correct answer.

Look for the proper meaning with all the options.

Guess Work 9: All the Above

If one of option is ALL THE ABOVE, it has more probability to be correct answer.
If two options looks alike then All the above is the best bet.

Guess Work 10: None of the Above

None of the above is rarely occurring option, so dont vote for this option.

Guess Work 11: Condition based questions

If the question looking like a condition, the probable answer will be false


Does triangle ABC congruent to DAC
Probable Answer: False

Guess Work 12: Similar Options

If the options are similar, the probable answer will be one among the alike options.


Option A – 20 MHZ
Option B – 20 KHZ
Option C – 20 Hz,
Option D – 50 KHZ

Answer will be one among Option A/B/C i.e: 20xxx

Guess Work 13:Not Questions

Read the instruction lines before answering the questions, because some times questions may be asked, to select which is NOT the answer.

Dont attempt the above guess work, if your test is having Negative Scoring.

Above all believe your strength rather than your luck.

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