Get In GTA San Andreas Airport Of Los Santos

Get In GTA San Andreas Airport Of Los Santos

Well, after many practices of entering without a Pilot License, a way has been found to enter and play inside the plane area of the LS Airport. You can get in to GTA San Andreas Airport of Los Santos. Follow the simple steps below

Get a motorcycle, such as the PCJ-600.

Go into the parking lot, at the back, facing East, you should see a rectangular building, with another small rectangle on it. (But at a small sight)

Go as fast as you can, press up on the left analog stick repeatedly.

Knowing "The Bumps" method, do it once you cross the street, seeing the last parking lot barrier, speeding towards the building.

Pull, the method right at the barrier

You should have got on top of the building, if you did.

Look around, you should see a little bridge, leading you to a circular building follow it.

Once on the circular building, with your bike, jump off with it into the airplane area.


  • Get good speed.
  • Don't get distracted.
  • You may not get on it on the first attempt. Don't get mad over it.
  • Watch videos on YouTube or something GTASA oriented and ask for some tips.
  • But, try, try, try.

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