Get Hookers In GTA San Andreas

Get Hookers In GTA San Andreas

Have you ever wondered how you are able to have sex with a hooker? You can get hookers in GTA San Andreas, follow the simple steps below

Make sure you are in a car.

Find a hooker, you can spot them at their less clothes and they walk differently than other people.

If you found one, stop nearby. Make sure you don't drive too fast because then they will jump like they are trying to dodge your car.

If you succeeded they will ask: Do you want a good time? Answer with the positive button. On PC its the 'y' button.

If you answered positive, they will get in your car.

Find a spot where no people are and stop there.

Wait a few seconds and then the camera will move down.

As you are having sex with the hooker your money will decrease slowly. (There is a cheat that your money will increase when having sex with a hooker)

When the thing is done she will step out of your car and walk away.


  • Hookers show up more at times around night.
  • Kill the hooker when the thing is done to get your money back.
  • Don't drive too fast to a hooker because then they will run away.
  • When killing the hooker after the thing there is a chance you get a wanted level.

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