Future iPhones could be charged with your Heart Beat


Nanogenerators powered by your heart beat could replace conventional batteries in about five years, according to the chemists. In the World dominated by 4G smart phones, touchscreens, tablets and portable laptops, making the way to keep everything charged. Dr.Zhong Lin Wang and his team of researchers in Georgia Institute of Technology have developed tiny nanogenerators that use small movements enough to generate power.

At the National Meeting & Exposition of American Chemical Society, Wangs team demonstrated the ability of their milestone device, using it to power LCD screens and even transmit a radio signal. Wang said that Wang said. Additional nanowires and more nanogenerators, stacked together, could produce enough energy for powering larger electronics, such as an iPod or charging a cell phone.

While a few volts may not seem like much, it has grown by leaps and bounds over previous versions. Wang expects his nanogenerators to be in stores within 5 years.

Haridas Gowra

Loves space, gadgets, comics and believes PC is superior to consoles.

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