Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Will Get Glucose Monitoring To Help Diabetics

Fitbit Ionic Watch
Fitbit Ionic Watch

According to a recent report, Fitbit is working with Dexcom to bring glucose monitoring to its Ionic smartwatch. Dexcom creates continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices for people with diabetes and their devices work with a sensor that sits just under the skin. Dexcom’s CGM devices measure a person’s glucose levels every few minutes in order to provide them with a bigger picture of where their glucose levels are and where they are heading.

As of now, a transmitter attached to that sensor lets you see readouts of those levels on a smartphone or even an Apple Watch, but soon you will also be able to see them on Ionic’s screen. Dexcom and Fitbit say they are hoping to get this feature available to Ionic users in 2018 and the Ionic Smartwatch will be able to show users data from the Dexcom G5 Mobile sensor.

We believe that providing Dexcom CGM data on Fitbit Ionic, and making that experience available to users of both Android and iOS devices, will have a positive impact on the way people manage their diabetes.

– Kevin Sayer, CEO of Dexcom

As stated before, the Dexcom G5 Mobile sensor already works with other wearables like the Apple Watch. However, if you do not own the Apple Watch and are considering the Fitbit Ionic, then know that the Dexcom G5 Mobile sensor will also work with the device starting next year. There are rumors that future Apple Watch devices could offer up non-invasive glucose monitoring, but until then it looks like this could be the next best thing.


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