Dragon Age 2 DRM details Revealed. No SecuROM. Needs online activation

Dragon Age 2

With Dragon Age 2 nearing release, BioWare has confirmed that it will not use SecuROM DRM in the PC version of the game. Instead of SecuROM the game will have online activation that requires your EA account. BioWare also listed many restrictions that will work as DRM for the PC version of the game.


  • The game will have online activation that requires your EA account
  • It will feature a online verification system that kicks in every few days
  • There won’t be a limit on the number of PCs the game can be installed
  • You will not be able to play the game in more than five systems in a 24 hour period. (That is you can install in any number of PCs, but limited to play in only five different PCs for every 24 hours.)
  • The game will feature the Release Control, which restricts you to play the game before the release date

On the official forums, Bioware developers has pointed out that thay have not settled on this new restrictions and we can expect changes on it. With the release date closing on, we hope we will get more solid information on the DRM employed by BioWare.

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