Create a Home Theater in Your Small Space

Home Theater
Home Theater

A home theater is where everyone can relax and enjoy their favorite films and shows. The term “home theater” may make you think of grandiose mansions that have a rooms large enough to actually be considered a small theater. Great entertainment spaces, however, are not limited by square footage. You can establish your own entertainment center, within your limited space, that will rival those found within a larger home. By using high-tech gadgets and entertainment-friendly interior design, any movie lover can create the ultimate home theater.

The Setup

First, assess the shape of your entertainment room, so you can effectively arrange your furniture for the best visual and audio experience. The tutorial on furniture arrangement on, has three classifications for the room shape: square, rectangle and open concept. Once you know how you can place your furniture within the shape of your room, identify the key elements of your entertainment set up – television, speakers, streaming consoles, cables, and other gadgets. Purchase a television credenza or table to accommodate all of your stationary technology. Open-air or glass-doored shelving is ideal, so you can control your consoles without obstruction.


Be creative with your television placement, in your small space – wall-mounted, propped on a console or within your bookshelf. Apartment Therapy shares ideas of TV placement in small spaces. If you are in the market for a television, go LED. LED TVs produce some of the highest quality pictures and reduce the thickness of the television screen. The backlighting is efficient, stable and takes up less space than the traditional LCD backlighting.

Input Device

The Ring ZERO is a futuristic input device. The ring, which is worn on your index finger, can control the environment of your entertainment room. When you and your friends settle in for a film, you can motion with the ring, the closure of your motorized window curtains or the dimming of your Hue lights. Use the small input device to turn on your television by using a hub. The ring uses Bluetooth Smart for its output and has a transmission range of 15 meters. Many home features of devices that have Bluetooth connectivity can be synced with the Ring ZERO. The device has a built-in lithium polymer battery that can withstand continual use for 1-3 days and can be recharged on its included battery stand.

Reliable Remote

Turn your smartphone into a universal remote that allows control of your television, set-top boxes, DVD and Blu-Ray. The Pronto receiver works with the Peel smartphone app to change channels, show searches and power your devices. The app and the receiver are connected via Bluetooth Smart. This system will enhance the aesthetic look of your entertainment room. The IR extension cable for the Pronto lets you put your devices out of sight in your TV stand and still stay connected.

Moving Home Entertainment

Create the ultimate home entertainment center in any room of your house. The Keecker is an 15-inch, egg-shaped, moving home entertainment device that seems like it is straight out of a sci-fi film. This home entertainment robot will come when it’s called, via the smartphone app. The system can project a 40-inch screen of HD resolution. The screen size will increase when the device is moved further from the wall, and its 90-degree camera allows for ceiling projection. The Keecker also has full 4.1 surround sound with a 50W subwoofer and 360 degree speakers. It has a six-hour battery life and will automatically return to its docking station when it’s in need of a recharge.

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