Camp The cs_office Project Room In Counter Strike

Camp The cs_office Project Room In Counter Strike

The CTs are rushing riot in cs_office, and you are in a team full of T-nubs with no kills, no money, and no hope. Follow the simple steps below

  1. Purchase secondary glock ammo.
  2. Purchase a grenade.
  3. Purchase as many flashbangs as you can afford.
  4. Run to the hostages-end of the projector room.
  5. Pull the pin on the HE.
  6. Turn right immediately through the door to the cabinets room and drop the HE *down* into the corner *behind* the three upright filing cabinets- do NOT rebound the HE; it will injure you!
  7. Turn & run back out the door you came in as you switch to glock burst fire - the HE blast should not affect you.
  8. Run to the hostages, turn left & crouch.
  9. Aim at the tops of the chairs nearest the projector light.
  10. Make sure that the nearest chair is blasted out left, separate from the remaining two behind.
  11. Crouching forward along the left-hand side of the projector table, blast the remaining two chairs towards the wall, trying to get them as far left as they will go (aim at the top-left-most parts)
  12. Once you are lined up behind the first chair and the right hand doorway (the one furthest from the pair or hossies), shoot it through the door.
  13. Stand up & run behind the remaining two chairs you shot against the wall. By the time you are in position to shoot them into the threshold, you should have automatically reloaded.
  14. Shoot these chairs into the threshold/doorway, blocking the way in/out. At this point you should encounter a CT turning right around the corner of T-spawn, if their rush is a complete success.
  15. Ignore them & run to the left hand side of the room again, near the hostages, so that you are behind the left-hand side of the projector screen wall, able to view both inside the cabinet room bottom-left-hand corner to the cabinet room hidey-camp-pos, and the entrance to the door you just blocked at the right.
  16. Check that the HE explosion blocked the doorway with cabinets. Three stacked cabinets aren't necessarily the best result, but you won't have time to worry about that now, as long as there are cabinets in front of the door. If the door isn't *totally* blocked, you'll still have a fair chance of hearing an intruder. However, you will have less time to prepare your flashbang if a CT is able to run straight through the cabinetacade.
  17. Switch to Flashbang & pull the pin.
  18. Stop, Look & LISTEN. That CT will invariably try to jump, or shoot their way through either barricade, unless they encounter resistance from your teammates.
  19. Wait for them. Cabinets & chairs make totally different sounds when they are moved/come in contact with something. The lighter scraping sound you will recognise from chairs moving across the carpet. If its cabinets you hear, go to #24. If it's chairs you hear;
  20. Turn to the right-hand doorway (being in position described @#15) and throw the flash downwards (aimed at knee-height BEFORE the doorway) as soon as the CT appears. You need to make sure that the flash goes off at least level with their field of vision, and as close to them as possible. If the flash explodes behind them, they will only be partially blinded. You should have used the projector screen wall to screen yourself from the flash, by moving right, behind its width-side.
  21. Strafe right, from out the cover of the projector wall's side, aiming head-high. Normally, CTs will be wary of any Ts hiding in the dark, behind the projector desk & chairs, and will be aiming around there. That is dependent upon the proximity of your FB hit, however. If they are only partially blinded, they *may* go behind the projector wall to your left, but you can't afford to risk being flashed by yourself in that instance.
  22. Move forward and clear the doorway of any blinded CTs. If you threw your FB right, anyone in the doorway should all be blind (and possibly stuck in the barricade) Or retreating (with the barricade partially intact). If there is no-one visible there, turn and cover your back. Any partially-blinded CT who took to your left from #21 should be @or near pos#15, covering the hostages, or worse, circling around the projector screen wall to shoot you in the back. If you think that this has happened, sprint to pos#15, and then to the dark corner along the wall of the hostages. Crouch. Wait for them to reappear near the hostages - they may possibly think the room is empty and enter the cabinets room, also.
  23. Return to clear out position @#15, assuming you haven't died. Make sure you have collected any items dropped by kills.
  24. Listen out for cabinets. If you hear the cabinets going then it's safe to assume that a CT has already breached T-spawn. If you have any FBs left, they should already be pin-pulled & ready.
  25. As soon as you have heard a cabinet, (and ascertained that the radar is clear of teammates) throw the FB to the ground inside the cabinets room, making sure you are outwith its blast.
  26. Strafe across the doorway, aiming head-high, making sure that you are at least in line with, or behind the line projector screen wall. This will help temporarily screen you against any insurgent CTs at the far side.
  27. Repeat steps #21 & #24.


  • Be aware of your radar at all times. If your team really sux, and FF is ON, then that will help keep you alive for about as long as this guide will, alone.
  • Change the HUD layout. The default layout assumes that you can move your eyes independently, and can thus focus on the radar and your aim simultaneously in crisis situations. Move the radar as near to your crosshair as is desirable, like at the bottom-center of the screen.
  • Know your clip-size. Reloading something as quick as a CV47 can seem like an eternity when you aren't prepared to face the enemy's bullets. This helps to be HUD-obvious, too.
  • If you can't hit the broadside of a barn yet, the P90 is the weapon of choice in cs_office, and you can spray and pray for about a whole four or five seconds before you're out.
  • When rushing corners, try to find cover before you judge your flashbang to bounce around them, as you are vulnerable to those who lie in wait, as well as misjudging and teamflashing.
  • Only the glock on burst fire mode & the HE can shift filing cabinets easily. To try rearranging the furniture with anything else is both time-consuming and ammo-expensive. To move cabinets further, faster, aim at the object's furthest corner in the direction you want them to go and shoot.
  • Crouch-jumping will enable you to escape those sticky cabinets
  • Try to be as silent as possible when playing 5v5 or less. On cs_office your ears are a valuable tool, because you can hear through walls on the long corridor, enabling you to determine whereabouts @ T-spawn the enemy is headed.
  • Only use the secondary D.Eagle if you are confident with your aim.
  • Barricades help Ts keep hostages at T-spawn. Not all hostages are inclined to jump every object they encounter immediately, and if CTs get too far, too fast in the escape, they will give up following them.
  • This guide is not a real in game guide, it just explains what you could do, even if all of this is possible it will be very hard to put together and you may not acomplish your mission.
  • This guide assumes no interference by teammates; being alone in the projector room.
  • This guide assumes you have a decent set of headphones and the volume turned up high.
  • This guide assumes the server on which you are playing uses the default gravity setting.
  • This guide assumes you don't easily crumble under overwhelming odds.
  • This guide also assumes that you pay attention to your radar.

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