Buy Guns In 35Hp In Counter Strike 1.6

Buy Guns In 35Hp In Counter Strike 1.6

There is a bug in Counter Strike 1.6 which you can exploit to buy the gun in 35Hp. This works in all servers, even the ones with anticheats on them, follow the simple steps below

Start Counter Strike 1.6

Press the console button "~" Which is just below escape button.

Write "bind F1 deagle" in the console (without speech marks). You can write any gun you want in place of deagle. Search on net for binding weapons for CS 1.6 and you'd get the specific names for the guns. Make sure you buy a gun with maximum ammo, without reload.

Join any map of which you are either sure that 35HP is going to be next map, or otherwise vote for 35hp yourself. If it is already running, this trick won't work. The map MUST start from beginning.

Now while the map is loading, keep on pressing quickly F1. Keep doing it even while you select you T/CT team and player. The time to buy the gun is VERY short. So make sure you press it quick. The time to buy weapon is just after the loading time, so keep pressing well before it i.e. during the load time.

You have got your gun. But when the game commences, you will lose all your secondary ammo i.e. you will only have bullets that are in gun. No reload. This is a problem with this bug.


  • Use your gun wisely. Because if someone kills you, he is going to take the gun and you are going to be in big trouble.
  • While binding the weapon, remember that you only have a 800$ limit. You can buy grenades but they won't work in the game. So buy a handgun only.
  • The last handgun in T/CT is different. So if you bind like this "bind F1 elites", this is only going to work for T's and won't work if you are in CT. Instead write like "bind F1 elites;deagle" or any other gun instead of deagle. This will buy the deagle, if you are in CT.

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