Being A Counter Strike Source Player

Being A Counter Strike Source Player

The turtles attack rarely. Try to survive because they got some weapons.

Don't use any hacks, such as 'AimBot', Wallhack, Godmode or 1-hit-kill.

Get a good weapon.

  • M4A1 Carbine: It has less power than the AK47, but has more firing rate. Most not-affective when firing at enemy arms/legs. Most affective if fired at enemy head.
  • AK47 - 'Kalashnikov': It has more firepower than the M4A1 and the recoil is much stronger, so shoot wisely. Provides a lot more damage if fired at enemy head. Deals extreme damage if fired at head, too. Weak parts are the arms.
  • Desert Eagle - 'Deagle': Always try to fire as less as shots with this weapon as you can. It has 7 bullets per clip. Most affective when fired at enemy hip/head. Less affective if fired at enemy arms.
  • Knife: This is probably the simplest weapon of all. Hack 'n' Slash. Need more instructions? Oh, and try not to bring a knife to a gunfight, or it gets messy.

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