Beats Music Launch On January 21st

Beats Music Launch On January 21st
Beats Music Launch On January 21st

Beats Music Launch On January 21st. Last month, the company offers a bit of information in the form of an online teaser, that it should be come out at January. The accurate date, it turns 21st, though the company enjoy let us we download an iOS teaser of offering it will be available on “nearly all the major platforms” . The product is culmination of two years of project to approach music streaming from a different angle — namely populism. The rep I spoke with said me the company sees many of the current streaming offers as appealing to the early adopter.

The first thing is “on-boarding” process. Here you tap bubbles on a number of screens, first we designating our favorite genres . Next step, we do the same thing with artists, designating one of the favorites offerings. Then, the system begins “curating music based on what we like.” The idea’s between a Spotify and a Pandora, offers a custom playlists based on listening skills, curation that will turn continue to use the service. This lists, as the company puts it, are based on “”feels like, not sounds like,” and future iterations will also include options to make it possible to follow our listening habits based on location, so you can, say, get a workout playlist when we are at gym.

The result of that starting curation is a page full of artwork not uniform from Spotify’s current front page, offering up songs and playlists with big Play icons in the center. This is called Just for You. Swipe to the right and you’ll see the Right Now page and choose our location, activity and genre choice, so the app can build a playlist. Another swipe brings you to Highlights, a page of playlists curated by the “experts” and one more brings you to Find It, where you can search for music by Genre, Activities and Curators. It’s a pretty challenging offering, with a sharp and highly dynamic interface — of course, it’s hard to say how much the world is clamoring for another streaming offer. Though most of the ones that come along certainly don’t have the marketing force of a Beats Music.

At launch, the service will offer up 20 million tracks for $10 a month.

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