Annoyed Salarian Easter Egg In Mass Effect 3

Annoyed Salarian Easter Egg In Mass Effect 3

For Commander Shepard, the war against the Reapers has got to be stressful. Blow off a little steam and get a few laughs by bothering this bored scientist. Be the boss and dont let anyone tell you what you can or cannot touch! Sure, the Salarians are technically your allies, but that shouldnt stop you from having fun at their expense.

  • During your mission to save the Krogan Females, youll land at the Salarian Research Facility and meet with an unfriendly security captain.
  • Take a look around, youll find a scientist working at a computer console to the right. Interact with his computer, and dont stop. Hell provide some laughs as he continuously gets angrier and angrier at Shepard.

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