Android 5.0 Lollipop Leak Appears On LG G3 F400S And D855

Android 5.0 Lollipop Leak Appears On LG G3 F400S And D855
Android 5.0 Lollipop Leak Appears On LG G3 F400S And D855

LG has surprised everyone with the pace of its upcoming Android Lollipop update for the LG G3, which is scheduled to arrive sometime in the this week.

If you can't wait just a few more days you may be interested in a couple of Lollipop builds that have recently leaked for the D855 and F400S models of the G3.

These leaked KDZ files have gradually been made available via a pay walled teaser over at LGBBS. With some update versions brandishing a price tag apparently worth $200, the motives behind the leaks are a little questionable. Fortunately for intrigues sake, the good folks over at XDA have grouped together to grab and share the leaked files openly.


We already reported on ROM leak before. A Lollipop test build for the F400S version of the G3 appeared first. However, this software was built from the unfinished LRX16E version of Lollipop, resulting in the odd bug and hiccup for users to contend with. According to those who have tried out the ROM the UI feels considerably slicker than before.

The D855 version of the LG G3 has also received a leaked version of Android Lollipop, but this time it comes from the finalized LRX21M code base under LGs D85519C version number. The result is fewer bugs and an experience that is likely to be very close to the update that LG will roll out to its handsets in the coming weeks. That being said, there appear to be a couple of new LRX21M based versions too, albeit still locked behind a paywall. This ROM appears to work on either the 16GB or 32GB models of LG G3 D855.

If you are eager to boot up Lollipop on your G3, you can grab the free F400 S file here, and the D855 file from here. Remember, ROMs designed for specific handsets won't work on phones with different model numbers.

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