Desktop Alert System For Critical Information Delivery

Desktop Alerts
Desktop Alerts

When you want to improve communication within your organization and share important information in a way that you know will be seen, consider making the most of the valuable real estate that most employees sit in front of every day: their computer screens.

A great way to get your information to them is by investing in a desktop news ticker – a small window of moving text that scrolls along the bottom of their computer screens.

You would already be familiar with the concept of the news ticker from watching news channels and current affairs programs on television. The headlines scroll across the screen, no matter what else is happening on screen at the time, giving the reader the gist of the information they need.

Software company DeskAlerts can provide your business with a desktop ticker solution you can use to keep your employees informed about important corporate information.

You can include hyperlinks to more information so that your employees can click on the headlines as they scroll along with their computer screens. Otherwise, you can be sure that your information is still being delivered as employees scan the headlines that are on their screens while they continue working on other programs and applications.

What types of information can you send?

The sky really is the limit with what you can send via the desktop news ticker. For the IT department and help desk, it is a great way to send information about system statuses, planned maintenance and upgrades, unexpected outages, estimated time of restoration of any services that are offline, information about new software products, reminders about any policies and procedures and cybersecurity awareness information.

Your organization can also use it to send out important corporate information, media releases, news about your industry or competitors, regulatory and legislative changes affecting your industry, training opportunities, social and networking opportunities, health and safety reminders, job openings, important dates, RSVPs and event reminders.

Think of all the “all staff” emails that you receive on any given day. Most of that information is just cluttering up your inbox – it would be better off on the ticker!

Other features

You can send custom news tickers to different groups of employees. If your company works in different geographic areas with multiple offices, for example, you can send relevant tickers to different employee groups. You can also customize your ticker to use a template that matches your corporate branding, and schedule your ticker in advance.

The desktop ticker is just one of the range of options provided by DeskAlerts to help your company improve internal communication and boost employee engagement.

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