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How To Use Maps On Samsung Galaxy S3
How To Use Maps On Samsung Galaxy S3

You can use Google Maps on your Samsung Galaxy S3, it is a mapping service to find your locations and search for places, and get directions. This feature may be unavailable depending on your region or service provider. Follow the simple steps below.

  • You must activate location services to find your location and search the map.
  • Select a travel method and select GET DIRECTIONS. The route is indicated on the map. Depending on the selected travel method, you may see multiple routes.
  • When you are finished, press the Option key, and select Clear Map.

How To Activate Location Services

Your device is equipped with a global positioning system (GPS) receiver. Learn how to activate location services and use additional GPS functions.

For better reception of GPS signals, avoid using your device in the following conditions:

  • Between buildings, in tunnels or underground passages, or inside buildings.
  • In poor weather.
  • Around high voltage or electromagnetic fields.
  • In a vehicle with sun protection film.


Do not touch or cover the area around the antenna with your hands or other objects while using the GPS functions.