Websites to read English online with standard AI voice generators or text-to-speech converters

Websites to read English with online AI Voice Generators or Text-to-Speech converters
Websites to read English with online AI Voice Generators or Text-to-Speech converters

Online resources have become essential for language learners who want to expand their English skills as technology advances. AI voice generators and text-to-speech online converters significantly enhance the reading experience.

This article will discuss eight excellent websites that offer English reading material and the option to listen to a computer-generated text-to-speech voice or AI-powered speech synthesis. These innovative platforms like Speechify, Natural Reader,, and ReadSpeaker provide content, including news articles, classic literature, creative writing, and academic texts.

Why is reading English online essential?

Both language learners and enthusiasts benefit significantly from reading English online. It provides many resources, including articles, books, news, and interactive content. Exploring various topics helps improve vocabulary, comprehension, and language skills. Moreover, exposure to proper English pronunciation and fluency can be achieved through online text-to-speech converters. Individuals can conveniently and effectively enhance their English proficiency by embracing online reading.

Standard text-to-speech online generators for English reading

Now, we will look at some exceptional TTS generators for transforming written text into audio. These tools are perfect for people with visual impairments, those learning a new language, or anyone who prefers listening to reading.

Natural Reader

Natural Reader is an AI-powered online program that converts text to voice. It is an AI voice generator that provides realistic AI voices. Natural Reader’s free plan gives customers access to various synthetic voices in eight languages. Text from TXT, DOC, and EPUB documents may be converted with this program. It also has OCR technology, which allows users to scan and convert text to audio. The website includes an easy-to-use design and many voice selections, making it a fantastic tool for reading English texts at varying speeds and accents.

On4t Text-To-Speech

The On4t text-to-speech online generator is an effective tool for individuals learning English. Utilizing advanced AI technology, it transforms written text into natural speech. Its user-friendly interface lets learners personalize voice settings, including pitch, speed, and accent. By listening to the generated address, learners can improve their pronunciation, listening abilities, and understanding. Whether reading articles, or books or interacting with interactive material, the On4t text-to-voice generator offers a captivating and efficient method to enhance English language skills.

Google Translate

Google Translate’s TTS converter is well-known among language learners. It provides translations and lets users hear English texts in a normal AI-generated voice. Learners may enhance their pronunciation and listening skills by entering any text into the translator while reading textual content in over 100 languages. Furthermore, Google Translate provides an easy-to-use platform for translating speech, text, photos, and other media types and choices for selecting male or female voices or American or British English accents.


LingQ is an all-in-one language learning tool that combines AI-generated audio with an extensive collection of English texts. Learners may choose their chosen themes and have access to a multitude of reading resources, expanding their language skills while immersing themselves in a reading experience.


ReadSpeaker is a well-known online text-to-speech generator vendor, that integrates AI voices into numerous websites and platforms. You can look for ReadSpeaker integration on several websites since it provides a fantastic reading experience with natural-sounding voices.


WebReader is a browser extension that utilizes AI voices to convert web articles into audio. This platform caters to various languages, including English, and is an ideal tool for learners to enhance their comprehension and pronunciation by listening to online articles.


With the Speechify AI voice generator, you can effortlessly go through documents, articles, PDFs, and more and convert them into natural-sounding speech within minutes. While no free version is available, users can install Speechify’s Chrome extension and try out the application’s TTS feature for free with a limit of 1500 characters. Additionally, users can easily modify the language and accent of the voice-over on Speechify and adjust the reading speed to their preference. However, users can only increase the reading speed by 1x with the free plan. The platform offers natural text-to-speech voices in 30 languages with various accents.


TTSReader is an efficient TTS converter that can audibly read English texts with a natural and understandable voice. The platform enables users to input or upload text as an accessible resource for reading diverse content. This program provides over 30 AI voices in 15 languages; however, these voices may sound robotic and less authentic. Notably, TTSReader incorporates a ‘speech tracking word’ function, highlighting the words being read aloud. This application’s ability to customize reading speed, import web pages, and insert pauses, among other capabilities, sets it apart.

Final Words

Integrating AI voice generators and online text-to-speech converters into your language learning process can significantly boost your English reading, listening, and speaking skills. The websites provide vast resources, including news articles and timeless literature, all available through AI voices. Embrace the potential of technology and delve into these resources to revolutionize your language learning journey. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced learner, these tools will undoubtedly aid you in enhancing your language proficiency. Enjoy the process of learning!


How many text-to-voice generators help me learn English?

Artificial intelligence voice generators translate text into natural-sounding speech, improving reading comprehension and pronunciation. They provide an interactive method of improving English language abilities online.

Are these websites mobile-friendly for on-the-go learning?

Yes, most of these websites are mobile-friendly, allowing users to access English reading materials with voice generators on smartphones and tablets for comfortable study anytime and from any location.

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