The History of Browser-Based Gaming

Microsoft Edge – Surf Game
Microsoft Edge – Surf Game

Browser games have played an essential role since the mid-90s. This is especially the case when you look at the history of gaming. While gaming has been around for years, it is safe to say that browser games hold a special place in players’ hearts. The ability to go onto a computer and begin gaming is so convenient. There is no need for you to buy a microphone, a console, or even a controller. The fact that entry-level gaming is so accessible means that browser-based gaming is great for everyone.

Browser Timeline

It is possible to talk about browser gaming as a whole for hours on end. This is because it has such a rich history and there have been so many influencing factors. With that being said, it is time to go back to the 1990s to see where it all began. A few of the earlier browser games included The Palace as well as Earth 2025. Sure, both of these games had awful graphics, especially when you look at today’s standards, but they were known as being somewhat groundbreaking back in the day.

The concept of people playing games on their computers had not been explored yet, but it would go on to change the general landscape of gaming as we know it. In the late 1990s, the internet became way more popular, and this was when browser gaming began to evolve. In 1997, a game known as Netrek was released. This was one of the very first games out there to use real-time graphics. It was a space-based game, and it gave players the chance to pilot their spaceships and engage in battle with others.

The Early 2000s

When you look at the turn of the century, you will see that plenty of multiplayer games started to become more popular. Games such as World of Warcraft and even Runescape began to take over the internet, and gamers really could not wait to play with their friends from the get-go. They could do so from the comfort of their desktops, too. One site that was born during the boom was the 32 Red mobile casino.

Classic Games

Today, browser games are more popular than ever. Classic games are still very relevant. This includes oldies, which range from Chess right on through to the equally famous Checkers game. These games have been around for hundreds of years.

When you look at the last ten years, you will see that mobile games have been one of the biggest influencers of change within the sector. They are just about everywhere, and this is because people tend to take their phones wherever they go. Many of the popular games out there take place in a battle royale format. Players have to work to take down every opponent in the arena so that one of them can come out victorious.

The Current Status of Browser-Based Gaming

One massive shift in the last couple of years is the fact that Adobe Flash Player is no longer functional. Tons of games on every single gaming platform had to be converted and changed so that they could handle HTML. This is a far bigger task than you might think, but numerous sites managed to pull it off. It helped bring about a very positive change as it made gaming more inclusive. It also helped to support the adoption of mobile games.

In the past, games could only be played on a website browser, but since phones have evolved, you can now access browser games on your mobile phone. You do not need to download an app, either, although most of the time it is still more convenient to do so.


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