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Canada’s gaming industry is a vibrant one. Here, pixels and passion converge to create digital magic. And it is not relevant whether you are a gaming aficionado or an aspiring professional; Canada’s allure in the gaming world is undeniable. But the journey to landing video game tester jobs on Jooble and similar platforms or exploring other roles is like unlocking hidden levels.

In today’s guide, we will dig into the thriving landscape of video game studios in Canada to give you an in-depth look at opportunities, particularly in video game testing. Read on!

So, are game testers in demand?

Ever wondered if your obsession with gaming could translate into a real job? Well, wonder no more. The pixels you have maneuvered and the virtual worlds you have explored might just be the key to a thriving career as a game tester. But, you might ask, are game testers really in demand, or where can I get hired as a game tester? Jooble, your friendly job search companion, can tell you that game testers are indeed in demand. And you can get hired on Jooble as well. As the gaming industry expands faster than you can say “high score”, the need for skilled testers has reached pixel-popping levels.

Picture this: you are, with a controller in hand (or keyboard, if that is your style), scrutinizing games for bugs, glitches, and all things that may impact the gaming experience. But this is not just about pointing out what is wrong. Game testers ensure that the pixels do a victory dance just as they are supposed to. Your expertise holds great significance, spanning from AAA titles that illuminate the gaming landscape to indie gems that require a little polish.

Gaming studios, both big and small, understand that releasing a game with bugs will not do. And that is where your expertise fits in so nicely. Your keen eye and knack for problem-solving are prized commodities. But it does not end there; game testing is not just about the present moment. As the gaming landscape constantly evolves with updates and patches, your role as a tester remains vital.

Your diligent testing keeps the games smooth, ensuring players get the best experience possible. So, if you have a passion for pixels and a nose for troubleshooting, game testing might just be your ticket to the video game industry. As the industry continues to expand, studios are on the lookout for dedicated testers who can ensure their creations shine in the pixilated limelight.

What are the major video game production companies in Canada?

Canada’s rise to gaming prominence is no accident. It is fueled by a supportive ecosystem that is as real as the pixels on your screen. The government plays a role by offering incentives, while the nation’s diverse workforce and top-notch educational institutions pump out creative talents. Not to mention, the indie game development scene adds its unique flavor to the mix. When you think of the big players in Canadian gaming, these studios will pop into your mind:


Established in 1998, Sarbakan stands tall as a testament to Canadian gaming prowess. Initially focusing on web-based games, this Quebec City-based powerhouse swiftly carved its niche, birthing over 600 games by 2008. Boasting an 85-strong team, Sarbakan’s journey is one of evolution and innovation. Venturing into Xbox Live Arcade terrain in the late 2000s, gems like Lazy Raiders (2010) showcased their prowess. The Nintendo DS felt their touch too, with titles like Johnny Test (2011). The zenith of their journey arrived in 2012 when a partnership with Disney birthed “Where’s My Water” for mobile platforms, a triumph crowned with multiple awards.

Big Blue Bubble

Established in 2004, Big Blue Bubble stands tall as a premier game development studio in London, Ontario, Canada. Catering to both mobile and console gaming enthusiasts, this studio shines through its innovative creations, spanning art styles from whimsical cartoons to breathtaking photorealism. With a knack for captivating gameplay, their portfolio boasts gems like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, My Singing Monsters, and the engaging Burn the Rope. Their influence stretches beyond borders, with offices spanning three continents and a workforce of over 100 talented individuals.

Relic Entertainment

Founded in 1997, Relic Entertainment stands as a cornerstone of Canada’s gaming industry. Acquired by THQ in 2004 and later by Sega in 2013, Relic’s expertise lies in crafting captivating Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games. Their groundbreaking 1999 release, Homeworld, revolutionized the RTS genre. The studio’s mark extends to iconic games in the Warhammer 40,000 universe and the acclaimed Company of Heroes series.

Sitting in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia, Relic Entertainment has etched its mark on the gaming landscape. With a focus on innovation and strategy, Relic Entertainment has created a legacy that resonates with gamers worldwide. Their Vancouver headquarters are a hub of creativity, housing a team of dedicated individuals who continually push the boundaries of interactive entertainment.


In Canada’s gaming industry, pixels do not just come to life. Dreams also materialize in code. As earlier mentioned, your journey to becoming a video game tester or exploring other roles is like unlocking hidden levels. Collaborations, innovations, and diverse opportunities await you. So grab your controller, level up your skills, and join Canada’s gaming expedition. Pixels await your touch, and the future is waiting for your contribution.

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