Sync iPhone Apps To iPad


  • If you have iPhone, and using lot apps on it, and you want the same apps to your iPad too, there is no need to install each and every app separately. You can sync the iPhone apps to the iPad using the iTunes.
  • To Sync the apps, you need an active account on iTunes. Since you got an iPhone, you may also have an iTunes account. You can download the latest version of it from Apple website. You need to install iTunes on your computer
  • Establish a connection between your iPhone and computer by using USB connecting cable. You can do this only after installing iTunes on your computer. Then, it will notify you that the connection has established.
  • On the left panel of the iTunes, you can see a Devices tab. In that, you can see the name of your device. After clicking on the name of your iPhone, you can see the syncing options. For it, you can click on the Sync button on the right corner bottom of the iTunes. It will take some time to complete, will depends upon the size of the data that has to sync. All the apps and the media files present on the iPhone will be now available on the computer. Now disconnect the iPhone from your computer
  • Now Sync the apps to your iPad, connect the iPad to your computer by using the USB connecting cable. iTunes will notify you that the connection has established and it will display the iPad under the Devices Tab. You had to click on the name of your iPad and the topside of the iTunes and you need to click on the apps. You can now see the list of apps that can be synced to your iPad. Deselect the apps you dont want in iPad, after selecting, click on Apply. All the apps will be now synced to your iPad now.

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