Start A Rampage In GTA 3

Start A Rampage In GTA 3

You can have a good rampage in GTA 3, follow the simple steps below

Get every weapon (Baseball bat, pistol, sub-machine gun, AK-47, M4, Rocket Launcher, Grenades, Molotov cocktails)

Get health up to max and full armor.

Go get a slow-mo phill for slow motion.

Punch pedestrians or use motolov cocktail till you get wanted.

Shoot with pistol to the cop.

Get shotgun and shoot with smg kill till 3 stars.

Get you ak or m4 out and kill till 5 stars.

Get rocket or grenade till you’re out off.

Rob a tank.

You will die or get caught for sure.



  • You could use any weapons if it gets hard.
  • You need parents permission to get the game its over 17 in the U.S
  • Police can really get you with m4 for sure.

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