Sonys PlayStation Vita Hands-On

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Sonys PS Vita we have already hit you with this news, now we got the hands-on with the new Next generation portable. Its got a 5-inch OLED panel, but the plastics used in its construction makes it lighter than PSP. The Start, Select, and Power buttons flush in the front. The face button is small compared to PSP, but they are firm and comfortable to press. There is a nice floating D-Pad on the left side. It got transparent shoulder buttons dont feel much different than the ones on PSP, and it got iPod-nano like volume buttons. There is also a large port on the bottom for connecting USB and network cables.

PS Vita is a bit of bulk, and was not completely comfortable as instructed. You can rest your fingers in the touch pad itself to make it comfortable. We found both front and rear screens plenty responsive in early use, and they well with some games like Uncharted and LittleBigPlanet. Navigation seems to be simple. The dual analog sticks blow away the PSPs analog nub; we dont think first person combat will be much of an issue. On this demo device we can able to see the Dualshack 3, and we got no trouble with playing that too. The 5-inch screen seems to be junior of its console counterpart given relatively high PPI, $250 is a price seems to be, but it is sure the device is really worthy for it.

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