Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Is Removable Says Samsung Manual

Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Is Removable Says Samsung Manual
Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Is Removable Says Samsung Manual

The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge from Samsung were shown off at long last at Mobile World Congress last week. While a removable battery isn’t a deal breaker for some consumers, Samsung device loyalists have been used to it for years and not having these features in a device could feel unfamiliar. According to the user manual for the Galaxy S6, it was found that while not traditionally removable like with smartphones that carry a removable backplate, the Galaxy S6 battery can be removed.

The Galaxy S6 is the first Samsung flagship to part with both the option to replace the battery when it’s depleted or too small for the user’s liking and to add extra or inter-device storage with a Micro SD card.

“These instructions are only for your service provider or an authorized repair agent,” the manual reads. “Damage or faults caused by the unauthorized removal of the battery are not covered by the warranty.”

Like a lot of other smartphones, then, the Galaxy S6 – and presumably the S6 Edge, too – can be repaired if the battery dies, but Samsung doesn’t want users to do it themselves. The company provides clear instructions for those brave enough to give it a go, however.

Once the SIM card tray is out, you’ll need to heat up the adhesive that holds the glass in place before gently pulling it out of the frame. There’s a second panel beneath that held in place by 13 screws – which will likely require a torx screwdriver – that needs to come out next. The battery can then be disconnected from the logic board before being lifted out.

The procedure is similar to that for a handset like the Xperia Z3, as demonstrated in the video.

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