PQI USB 3.0 Flash Drive Is The Worlds Smallest

pqi flashdrive

The PQI U819V measures just 3.15cm long, but ships with a key ring attached cap, so its accessories will be nearby when it gets misplaced in your desk. We are still waiting for its pricing and availability information. The storage capacity ranges from 4GB to 32GB, and it is backward compatible with USB2.0 ports. PQI says device cap also doubles as a cell phone ornament, but if you need a silver USB cap to dress up your mobile, you had to spend some cash on it. For more details read the press release.

Here is the Press Release

PQI Releases Smallest USB 3.0 Traveling Disk Intelligent Drive U819V~Only 3cm Long Disk Boasts Unprecedented Performance

PQI leads the industry with its exclusive release of the world’s smallest USB 3.0 traveling disk. The Intelligent Drive U819V is the solution to bulky traveling disks and thick USB 3.0 transfer interfaces. PQI applied COB encasement technology to USB 3.0 interface and overcame the transmission overheating problem after continuous research and improvements. At the same time, PQI solved the data reading problem caused by high-frequency noise while creating the lightest, thinnest, shortest, and smallest USB 3.0 traveling disk. The 3 centimeter disk delivers high performance and allows users to experience high speed transmission like never before!

PQI’s Intelligent Drive U819V traveling disk has a sleek and simple look featuring clean lines and smoothly curving trim, creating a seamless, unitary exterior. The disk’s glossy exterior coating in ivory white and midnight black gives off a beautiful, glittering silvery radiance. Additionally, there is a special LED display at the tip that flickers when data is being read. Furthermore, with user experience in mind, PQI has come up with a cap retention design. The complimentary, square shaped, transparent soft rubber not only serves as a cell phone ornament but also attaches to the end of the disk. When the cap is removed from the Intelligent Drive U819V, it can be inserted into the transparent rubber. This exclusive cap retention design is unusual, funny, and charming!

As user demand for high quality multimedia increases, the rise of the USB 3.0 transmission interface offers the greatest transmission speed of up to 5 Gbps/sec, which is 10 times faster than USB2.0 (480 Mbps/sec). USB 3.0 significantly reduces the time required for data transmission, reduces power consumption, and is downward compatible with USB 2.0. Also, the stable current of USB 3.0 prevents data loss caused by current instability. Being energy-saving and environmentally friendly makes USB 3.0 the best choice in an age that demands ever increasing storage capacity. For the latest information about PQI, please visit PQI’s global website at http://www.pqigroup.com. To choose from PQI’s entire line of products, please visit PQI’s shopping site at http://shop.pqigroup.com.

Product Specifications
Capacity: 4GB – 32GB
Dimensions: 31.5 x 14.8 x 7.3 mm
Weight: 3.6g 1g
Interface: USB 3.0 / 2.0 compatible
Warranty: Lifetime warranty

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