Onavo Conut App Free Data Usage Tracker For iOS

Onavo Conut App Free Data Usage Tracker For iOS

Onavo releases free app Onavo Conut for tracking data usage on iOS devices. The free app debuted in App store, allows users to pinpoint the most data hungry titles with graphs. The Onavo Conut will help you from exceeding your monthly allotment by tracking your last 30 days of mobile data usage. It is also integrated with Onavo Extend, compresses unencrypted data in order to help users to squeeze a bit more from their data plan. Dont forget to look at the video. For more details read the press release and hit on the source link to download free Onavo Conut for your iPhone, iPad, iPod and other iOS devices.

Here is the video


Free download Ovano Conut


Here is the Press Release

Onavo Releases Onavo Count, the App Store’s Only App Data Usage Counter!

Menlo Park, CA October 30, 2012 Today, Onavo announced the release of Onavo Count, the first and only app for iOS that provides users with transparency into their iPhones’ app data usage.

While carrier and other third party apps have helped iPhone users monitor their total data usage, there are no apps in the App Store that make it easy for users to make sense of their apps’ data consumption… until now.

Onavo Count makes it easy for iPhone users to find out which of their apps are using up their mobile data.

In addition to a 30-day overview of users’ app data usage, Onavo Count also gives users individual App Profiles, complete with charts that track weekly data usage and gauges that measure individual app’s overall mobile data usage. Each one of these helpful features is displayed in Count’s colorful and handsome interface, which makes monitoring data consumption even better.

Not only are Onavo Count’s insights unique, but Onavo Count is also the only app data usage monitor that prevents battery drainage by using cloud-based technologies!

And if that wasn’t enough, Onavo Count also seamlessly integrates with Onavo Extend so that users can see how much data is being consumed by each app along with the amount of data saved by Onavo Extend in one beautiful and easy to understand screen.

At Onavo, we get it. Life is going mobile.

And with Onavo, iPhone users can now finally understand their apps’ data usage by keeping Count!

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