Movavi Mac Cleaner Review: A Simple Way to Clean a Mac

Movavi Mac Cleaner
Movavi Mac Cleaner

Over time there are bound to be many unnecessary files that build up on your Mac – consisting of cache files and logs, duplicates, unused localizations, and so on. All these ‘junk’ files will just sit on your Mac’s hard drive and take up space – and may even affect its speed as your hard drive starts to fill up.

If you want to clean your Mac and remove the junk files from its hard drive then you will have to find and delete them. As you can imagine trying to do that manually is going to take a lot of time – which is why Mac cleaning software such as Movavi Mac Cleaner that automate the process are so useful.

Cleaning and Freeing Up Space on a Mac

At the heart of Movavi Mac Cleaner is its ability to clean out all sorts of junk files, regardless of where they are located. Whenever you launch the app, it will immediately initiate a scan of your hard drive and as soon as it is done give you the option to remove all the junk that was found by clicking on the “Start Cleaning” button. In some cases you may want to determine which types of files you delete, in which case you can opt to only delete logs, cache files, trash bins, duplicates, and so on accordingly.

In addition to removing conventional types of junk files, Movavi Mac Cleaner pairs that with a more extensive set of features that will let you remove other files that you do not need. Through its “Disk Usage” feature you can visually see where space is being wasted on your hard drive, and choose any files or folders that you do not need and would like to remove.

To free up even more space, the “Uninstaller” feature will come in handy. It is a simple feature that lets you uninstall apps, but has the added benefit of ensuring that no leftover files remain. More importantly it can also track down leftovers from apps that you have uninstalled in the past, and let you delete them as well. With the “Uninstaller” in Movavi Mac Cleaner you will even be able to remove native OS X apps that are often tricky to uninstall.

As you may know, when you delete files they can still be recovered using specialized recovery software, and if you would prefer to avoid that you can use the “Shredder” in Movavi Mac Cleaner. Needless to say it is perfect if you are dealing with sensitive or confidential files that you would like to make sure are deleted securely.

To top it off Movavi Mac Cleaner also has its own built-in antivirus and firewall that will protect and shield your Mac. Considering the fact that these threats could affect the files and safety of your Mac, it is a nice addition to have.

In short by using it you can protect your Mac while freeing up space and boosting its performance levels at the same go. If well-maintained, your Mac should last a lot longer and still be able to keep operating at close to its optimal speed.

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