Minecraft Mobs: Squid

Minecraft Mobs: Squid

Squid is a passive mob in Minecraft. The passive mobs never attack a player. These mobs except squids require land to spawn on. Squids require water to spawn in. Squid is an 8-armed mob, which spawns in water. They are passive on the players and akin to other mobs in land. They are found in water of any depth, in any biome, and spawn on any difficulty. They got 10 health points.

Squid have 8 arms, blueish-teal skin, and teeth, if killed each squid will drop 1-3 ink sacs that can be used to dye wool. The ink sacs like a unit of dye can be applied directly to a sheep before shearing to make black wool or mixed with varying proportions of bone meal beforehand to yield right gray and dark gray dyes. The squids tentacles open and close, gives them an appearance of moving forward. Squid will hover in place and wander around one layer aimlessly and do not deliberately interact with the player, even if attacked. They prone to gather light under water, such as a Redstone lamp, glowstone. They stay alive but become immobile when beached on land. Squids can take fall damage and burn like any land mob, but they cant drown. It can swim against a current and not get pushed by it.

How to Farm Squids in Minecraft

Squids are weak swimmers and cant swim upstream. The simple way to trap a large number of squids is by digging an 8*8 hole three blocks deep at the bottom of an ocean or large lake. The current into hole will trap squid that wander over it. The complicated funnel and channel systems can bring squid from multiple traps to a certain location for the player to kill.


  • Despite not having feet, Squid make footstep sounds when swimming across blocks.
  • When logging into a multiplayer server, Squid may appear above the clouds. However, they will later disappear.
  • During multiplayer lag, mobs' positions are not updated by the server, causing especially irregular movement in Squid, such as flying and passing through blocks.
  • If the player stands far away, Squid will shift so that their heads point straight up and float in place until the player gets closer again.
  • When killed, Squid drop Ink Sacs, but take a second to disappear. This is perhaps due to mobs being made to play a "death" animation, which isn't compatible with squid.
  • During multiplayer lag, Squid are temporarily invulnerable to T.N.T.
  • During multiplayer lag, Squid will also fly up in the air if you hit them with any specified item.
  • Squid, when killed, may not drop experience orbs.
  • If the player views a Squid without looking at the main body, two of their tentacles do not appear.
  • During server lag, squid may "swim" on the ground if that ground is 1-2 blocks above water.
  • Sometimes, in SMP, squid spawners will spawn squid on land.
  • Often when you look through the water at a squid, they will have short spasm while swimming.


  • Squid are the first and so far the only water mob, except for fish; however, fish are not yet a mob, only an item.
  • Hitting a squid underwater causes them to rise approximately 1/3 to 1/2 a block.
  • Squid cannot be damaged by attacking their tentacles.
  • Before Beta 1.4, using a bucket on a squid while the squid was not touching another block would yield milk.
  • Squid can spawn in the Nether given there is water available for them to spawn in. This can be done with inventory editors or by breaking ice blocks.
  • Real squid have eight arms and two tentacles, while Minecraft squid just have eight arms, making them more akin to octopodes. This may be a mis-translation due to the fact that squid and octopus have the same name in Swedish (Blckfisk - Ink fish).
  • Squid behave like some land mobs and attempt to ride a Minecart. However this is not always useful as rails and water cannot occupy the same block.
  • Squid are the first passive mob that spawns at any light level, in water, and without grass.
  • When the world is loaded, all squid are aligned with the tentacles facing east.
  • It is possible for squid to spawn in underground lakes or waterfalls due to their ability to spawn in any water, source block or not.
  • In RC2, when Squid came out of the water and were hurt, they made the new player hurt sounds.
  • Squid spawners will only spawn them on layer 60, as the large water bodies (such as oceans, rivers and ground lakes) appear only on that depth. This means squid can no longer spawn in mountain springs or underground lakes.
  • Squid, Villagers and Snow Golems are the only mobs that don't make sound effects. (Snow Golems don't have idle sounds. However, it does only make one sound: when it's throwing snowballs.)
  • Squid are the only passive animal that cannot breed; due to this, however, they will spawn like the other animals used to.
  • It is possible for a squid to receive fall damage.

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