Make Your Own Skin In Minecraft

Make Your Own Skin In Minecraft

While playing in Minecraft multiplayer you can see everybody has a different one, you can change your skin too, follow the simple steps below

If you want to download a skin. Think of a skin you want. Many people have known people like Santa or mobs from minecraft as their skin. If you think the skin you want has already been made you will be able to find it on

If you want a personal skin. Use a picture editor of your choice or use the skin editor on The Skindex. This will allow you to change the Reference skin that is provided by Minecraft itself.

Now you can upload your skin to Minecraft. Log in and upload your skin. After uploading, the next time you join a server, you will have your own skin on.

Have fun! Now you can show everyone your awesome skin. Own made skins often get nice reactions when you join servers.


  • Skins can also refer to textures in the game like diamond or stone. This will allow you to hide yourself really easily.
  • There is another very popular skin editing tool called Skin Edit which gives you a few more functions to play with and also you can make skins without internet connection.
  • Some Minecraft players who have a team that they play with make a part of their skin the same (like a hat) to identify themselves.
  • Dont make skins that contain nudity, they will get you banned from servers.

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