Make A Beacon In Minecraft

Make A Beacon In Minecraft

Have you ever been lost in Minecraft? Do you just wish there was just something you could spot that would lead you to your home? You can make a Beacon in Minecraft, follow the simple steps below

Find a good spot. Don't make the beacon on low land. Make it on a mountain so you can spot it from far away.

Place 3 to 6 blocks high (depending on your choice).

Make a small glass box but keep the top open.

Bring lava using a bucket and pour it in the hole.

Cover the hole with a glass block.


  • When making the glass box, hold shift so you can easily place the blocks without falling.
  • If you don't want lava, you can place a(many) torch(es).
  • You can also make a tower, but the beacon is more efficient.
  • The beacon will be best at night. As it will light up the area around it, allowing you to spot it fast.
  • The higher the beacon, the more you can see it at night.
  • Glass can be made by placing sand in a furnace.
  • Be careful with lava! It can burn you on contact!
  • Be reasonable! When choosing the height of the beacon, don't make it touch the sky! No one can see it if it's sky-high.

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