LG DM50D HDTV Promotes 3D Lifestyle


The LGs forthcoming DM50D 3D monitor just enough to get you interested, they offered a largely spec free press release for the forthcoming device, heralding the adoption of 3D glasses, Flicker Free capabilities borrowed from Cinema 3D TV, and double the brightness conventional 3D sets. The display has a built-in DTV tuner, HDMI capabilities for connecting with 3D capable consoles and ability to view images and videos directly from a USB flash drive. The device will be hitting Europe in July, for more details read the press release

Here is the Press Release


Seoul, Jun. 28, 2011 — LG Electronics (LG) today introduces its next generation DM50D monitor, which includes all the advantages found on LG’s game-changing CINEMA 3D TVs in a form factor that fits easily on a desktop. The flicker-free, bright images and lightweight 3D glasses that customers have come to associate with CINEMA 3D can all be found on the DM50D, including Full HDTV. The DM50D is the perfect platform for 3D gaming and movie watching.

“Our consumer research showed that while interest in 3D monitors was high, there were certain misgivings about the cumbersome glasses, reported health concerns and lack of 3D content,” said Si-hwan Park, vice president of the monitor division at LG’s Home Entertainment Company. “Through CINEMA 3D technology, the DM50D addresses all of these concerns, leaving users free to be completely immersed in the best quality 3D content and gaming on any monitor on the market today.”

Like CINEMA 3D TVs, the DM50D monitor is also “Flicker Free” certified by European quality assurance agencies TV and Intertek. As well as producing wonderfully smooth 3D images, the lack of flicker and low crosstalk means an end to the dizziness and headaches users could sometimes experience on conventional 3D screens.

The DM50D boasts the ultimate in 3D brightness, more than double that of conventional 3D monitors. What’s more, the glasses also available as a clip-on for corrective glasses wearers are extremely light, have no batteries and never need to be recharged. This makes them very comfortable to wear even for long work sessions or movie marathons. The DM50D 3D glasses are very affordably priced and are compatible with all of CINEMA 3D products.The DM50D also comes with a built-in 2D to 3D conversion feature so viewers can always watch top-quality 3D content on the fly. The conversion function works whether or not the monitor is connected to a PC and kicks in automatically on games to deliver the ultimate in 3D entertainment.

What’s more, the DM50D boasts Full HDTV picture quality with a built-in DTV tuner that supports MPEG4, DVBC, DVBT and other digital TV broadcasting signals. Real surround sound delivers some of the fullest and vivid sound on any monitor and HDMI makes it a cinch to connect the DM50D to 3D games consoles, set-top boxes and more. And USB Quick View HD Play allows for the direct viewing of videos and photos through a USB flash drive even when the PC is off, freeing users from long boot-up times.

LG’s DM50D monitor will be available in Europe beginning in July, to be followed by additional markets worldwide.

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