Kill Monsters Effectively In Minecraft

Kill Monsters Effectively In Minecraft

The creepers appears in Minecraft from nowhere and blows you up, or the spider jumps on the top of you from the house and you cant get it off. This happens a lot in Minecraft, you can kill monsters effectively in Minecraft, follow the simple steps below

The subsections are ordered in the difficulty of monsters, starting with the easiest.


Make sure there are no other enemies around.

Shoot the zombie with a bow.

  • Zombies are easy, so you can attack with a sword. In version 1.9, they will deal more damage, so be careful in the future.


Spiders can climb objects and jump at you.

Turn the volume pretty high, but not too loud. You will be able to hear the monster that is outside. If you hear the spider sound, get a sword.

Have a good sword and some food.

If you hear the spider on top of your house, sprint far from the door, then attack it.


If there are two skeletons shooting at you, fall back.

Use a bow, as they will use a bow.

Charge a bow fully, and peek out of cover just a little bit to shoot, as skeletons have good accuracy.

If you only have a sword, get to cover quickly, and carefully get closer to the skeleton.


When a ghast shoots a bomb, hit it with something. The bomb will be deflected back. (Not damaging any ghasts)

Move around a lot, to dodge bombs.

  • The bombs deal damage in a 3x3 square.

Charge a bow fully, to ensure accuracy and power. One hit from a fully charged bow will kill a ghast.


Always carry a bow and arrow with you.

If you see a Creeper, charge up your bow, and let it rip. If a Creeper walks out of nowhere and starts hissing, immediately hit it with anything. He will be struck back, giving you a chance to run away.

  • Try spamming snowballs at it. It will fly back and explode.


Do not try to attack Endermen.

If you want to, bring good armor and a sword. Endermen will teleport next to you.

Charge a bow, and then shoot at it.

After it teleports, attack it with your sword.

Most of the time, it will dodge your sword by teleporting again. Keep spinning around, as it teleports in random places around you.


  • In version 1.8, or the Adventure Update, you will not be able to restore your health with food.
  • A full hunger bar will restore health.
  • Enemies do not spawn in peaceful mode.
  • If you die, you have 5 minutes until the items disappear.
  • Experience points can be used to enchant items in version 1.9.

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