Intel Atom Sales Are Down By 32 Percent

Intel Atom sales are down by 32 percent

Intel has had four years ago, much before with their new mobile processors. At that time there were no tablet computer and the smartphone madness had just started first. Just recently they announced the 100th Millionth processor sold and many still go off the treadmill and for about 30 dollars a piece , with good profit, sold. Even AMD can compete with their $ 20 here, not much make up, among other things because she has been temporarily disrupted supplies.

Now in the grand heist latest Intel sales figures, that number had shrunk to the Atom processors shipped by 32 percent in the last quarter. Neither the plan to penetrate into tablets and smartphones before had succeeded, but in 2012 with the even smaller 22nm Medfield planned product. Thanks primarily to the Windows Start 8 and soon 14 nm Atom processors, but the numbers could rise again and you would not just of the few out innovative netbooks dependent, which will soon be replaced by the ultra-Books.

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