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You can improve your iPhones and iPads battery life by making some changes to your iDevices (iPhone or iPad) settings. The iPhone 4S battery last longer than 3GS, and 3G, but it still dry in a single day if you make use of the smartphones capabilities. Here are some of the ways to keep your battery alive for longer.

Disable Bluetooth and WiFi

Disable WiFi and Bluetooth if you are not using them, Go to devices main menu, tap the Wi-Fi slider and switch it off, and select your Bluetooth slider from your settings menu and tap it off too.

Disable 3G

The 3G sucks a lot of power than the 2G and GSM, if you are not browsing means most of the phones can be switched back to 2G. But if you are making video calls and browsing means the 3G is a good option for you. To switch off 3G; Select the General menu, tap the network menu, tap on Enable 3G slider to Turn off 3G.

Turn Down Screen Brightness

Turning down the brightness of the screen from full half often makes very little difference, but can contribute a longer battery life. For that, from the main menu tap on settings menu, tap brightness. Use the slider to adjust the screen brightness to the minimum level you can tolerate.

Turn off Push and Email Services

Push technology saps your battery well, because the phone has to keep alive connection to the net all the time. So turn off that if you are not using that (while sleeping, after that you can turn it on if you dont want to use email alerts while sleeping). In the phones main menu, tap on settings, tap on Mail, Contacts, calendar option. Select Fetch new data option, tap the slider to turn it off, or select the Manual option.

Turn Off Location Services

The things like Find My Friends, Find my iPhone and battery sucking Siri like apps will use location based services. Go to the Settings and Location based services and turn off anything if you dont regularly use.

Switch from Vibration setting

Vibrating your phone always makes the battery dries faster than you think, especially if you use these for other things as well. To turn off vibration go to settings and then to Sounds.

Turn Off iCloud

By doing this you can loss the iCloud features that come with iOS 5, but will save lot of battery by disabling all of syncing features that iCloud uses on iOS 5. Go to settings, iCloud, About, then to Documents & Data, and then change the Use Cellular to off.

Turn Diagnostics and Usage Reports Off

If you have enabled Diagnostics and are still your battery is getting dried up means, turn it off (stop sending Apple your information). Sending out much data will drain your battery life. To disable it, go to Settings, General, About then to Diagnostics & Usage, and select Dont Send.

Complete Restore

If all the tips are not helping you means, you may have to fix your battery problems by resetting network settings on your device. Before doing that, be sure to save all the information beforehand (or a separate backup), because restoring it to factory settings will erase passwords, VPN, and APN settings as well. For that, go to Settings in the main menu, Reset tab, and Reset Network Settings.

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