HTC Enters Into The Third Dimension With A Social Media Scent

HTC enters into the third dimension with a social media scent

HTC is becoming popular with more and more customers, or at least known. This trend reinforces the smartphone company in Taiwan with an ” Inspired by You “have created campaign on Facebook in which thousands of members of a new fragrance. Together with the perfume expert Claude Zellweger and Kim Weisswange what’s right arose great. There are emotions, experiences and experiences are associated with it. The fragrance will also be harmonious.

“I think it will not be long until we are able to odors into electronic pulses to convert and use as an additional function in the smartphone or on the computer,” says Ms. Weiss cheek and in fact, Nokia has the idea into a concept video last year a times indicated. Still no price or release date of the interesting project is available, but there are certainly many interesting because actually like “social media” smells.

Amarnath Natarajan

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