How To Use Company Apps - Nokia Lumia 720

How To Use Company Apps - Nokia Lumia 720
How To Use Company Apps - Nokia Lumia 720

Learn how to use company apps on Nokia Lumia 720. A company account on your phone helps you do your job.

If you have a work phone, your company can create a company account that keeps the information in your phone more secure, gives you access to documents or info from inside the company's network, and even provides apps or Hubs that help you do your job.

If your company has apps available, you are given the option to download them, as soon as you've finished adding the company account to your phone. If an app isn't available until after you've already set up your account, your company can let you know how to get it.

A company Hub lets you get to all sorts of company information in one place such as news, expenses, apps, or access to a company store. Installing a Hub works the same way as installing a company app if one's available, you have the option to add it once you've added your company account. If your company develops a Hub later, you are offered another way to get it set up when ready.

Most company accounts include a policy. A company policy allows your company to add safeguards to your phone, often to protect confidential or sensitive information.

To set up your company account, tap Settings > company apps.

You can use different mail addresses for business and leisure.

You can add several mailboxes to your phone and use the same mail account both on your phone and on your PC, be it Outlook,How To Use Office Apps - Nokia Lumia 925 365, or any other mail account.

Your mail and calendar remain in sync, and you can join meetings directly from calendar invitations. You can make use of the integrated mail and calendar so that, for example, when you have a meeting coming up, you can view the attendee list and, with a tap, access any mail or text message discussions you have had with an attendee.

Your phone has a variety of security options to make sure no one else has access to the sensitive data you have stored on your phone.

For example, you can set your phone to lock automatically, or you can even locate your phone if it gets lost (not available in all regions).

With Skype global rates, you can also call landlines or other mobile phones, and pay as you go with your credit card or get a monthly subscription for the best rates. Download the app to your Nokia Lumia phone.

For more info, see the user documentation on the Skype for Windows Phone support site at https://

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