How To Use Videos – Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

How To Use Videos - Samsung Galaxy S4 Active
How To Use Videos - Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Learn how to use videos on your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. The Video application plays video files stored on your phone or microSD card.

  • Tap Apps > Video icon. All videos that you have on your phone and memory card will be displayed.

  • Tap the video that you want to play. The video will begin to play. The following video controls are available:

  • Pause icon: Pause the video.

  • Play icon: Start the video after being paused.

  • Rewind icon: Press and hold to rewind the video. Tap to go to previous video.

  • Fast-forward icon: Press and hold to fast-forward the video. Tap to go to next video.

  • Volume icon: Volume control.

  • PIP icon: PIP (Picture In Picture) view. The video will be played in a small window so you can use your phone for other purposes while watching the video. Double-tap screen to return to previous size.

  • Original View icon: Original size view. The video will be played in its original size.

  • Full-screen Ratio View icon: Full-screen in ratio view. The video is enlarged as much as possible without becoming distorted.

  • Full-screen view icon:Full-screen view. The entire screen is used, which may cause some minor distortion.

  • Streams icon: Streams the video to another device via Samsung Link.

Note: The screen view icons are a three-way toggle. The icon that is displayed, is the mode that will appear after the icon is tapped. For more information on downloading videos for your phone, see Samsung Hub“.

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